The Bradford Exchange
The Bradford Exchange
Special. Curated. Caring.

Every Single Artistic Piece We Offer Begins With a Passion.

A passion for family. A passion for remembrance. A passion to connect and belong. A passion to escape...and see the world not necessarily as it is, but as we wish it would be. What once was a business forward to allow people to decorate their homes with art has now grown into a close-knit family of businesses offering heirloom-quality jewelry to cozy villages to finely-detailed figurines to the world’s most realistic dolls. We are where passion becomes art.

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Seeking out and encouraging the most creative artists, as well as world-renowned thematic partners, every one of the pieces we create is unique and innovative — and not available anywhere else in the world. That makes each piece special to us, and to our customers. Whatever our customers' passion is, they're likely to find a treasure that speaks to them — and is as individual as they are. That's our wish.

Our Secret Sauce

Advanced Marketing + Innovative Product Development = Proven Success.

The Bradford Exchange has dual core competencies, Marketing and Product Development, that are critical to our business. These areas of expertise are interdependent and have enabled us to produce both winning marketing strategies AND unique, high-quality consumer products–key elements to our years of success in providing our customers with meaningful products that enrich their lives. It is also what differentiates us from others in the marketplace.

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The Bradford Exchange's Marketing teams possess a vast collective wealth of knowledge regarding sophisticated segmentation techniques, expert analysis and creative strategies that optimize every promotion we present to our customers. Our Marketing professionals are exceptional team players who collaborate daily with Product Developers, Advertising Designers, Copywriters, and other individuals to develop, manage and analyze all direct marketing strategies and campaigns, including new and series continuation offers.

In addition to our website the marketing channels we use range from social media, search engine marketing and optimization, pay-per-click, direct mail, print advertisements, email marketing and catalog. Constantly innovating,The Bradford Exchange Marketers stay abreast of the latest marketing techniques and channels in order to maintain our position as an industry leader.

Product Development

Product Developers at The Bradford Exchange are passionate about creating new product forms and bringing affordable art to our customers. They possess a unique balance of both creative and analytical abilities, constantly researching and weighing information about market trends–what has worked in the past and what’s new in the marketplace–and then adding their own design skills to create something special, appealing and unique to our customers. Product Developers develop and present new product concepts and provide art direction to our Product Designers in order to execute their product ideas. Product Developers also establish a strong understanding of product manufacturing that enables them to gain access to the latest production techniques and materials, and effectively manage production costs.

One of the most rewarding aspects of being a Product Developer at The Bradford Exchange is having the opportunity to work with well-known artists and important licensors.

Artist & Licensing Partners

One of our strategies for success is partnering with some of the best-known artists and brand names in the world. Some examples of our licensing partners include Thomas Kinkade, Norman Rockwell, Al Agnew, Lena Liu, Disney Consumer Products including Marvel and Star Wars, Coca-Cola, NFL Properties, MLB Properties, Warner Brothers, and many more!

Bradford Companies
The Bradford Exchange
The Bradford Exchange
The Bradford Exchange is the leader in artistic expressions and designs. With over 45 years of experience we are the definitive place where people can find truly one-of-a kind gifts from architectural villages to coins and jewelry, to apparel from your favorite sports team all the way to your favorite Marvel or Disney gifts. We are where your passions become art.
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The Hamilton Collection
The Hamilton Collection
For over 50 years, the Hamilton Collection has been a leader in handcrafted keepsakes, precision-engineered die casts and other one-of-a-kind collectibles.
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The Ashton-Drake Galleries
The Ashton-Drake Galleries
Ashton-Drake is the leader in the premium quality doll market, with over 35 years of experience. We have a doll for everyone. Ashton-Drake provides the widest variety of dolls, each and every one born from the creative minds of award-winning doll artists and designers. Our dolls are hand-crafted, with high-quality materials, hand-painted details, and expertly tailored costuming that brings every doll to life. Realism, detail and quality are our cornerstones.
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Discover Opportunities at Bradford

At Bradford creativity has no limits. There is a spirit of creativity that touches every job, every department, every discipline. From careers in Product Development to Marketing, to our support staff, at Bradford everyone plays a role in turning our customer's passions into art. Find your opportunity today.

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